Birthday: 11th November 1984

Ash was invited to become Apparition’s drummer in 2014 after David had seen him perform live and felt he would be a great addition to the new line-up due to his great technique and solid performance. When asked about his inspiration to join, Ash spoke about finding the material ‘fun to play’ and enjoying the melodic elements of the music that bring an additional style to his portfolio as a death/thrash metal drummer.

Reflecting on his influences as a drummer, Ashley explains:

“I learned how to play drums by emulating Lars Ulrich (Metallica) and developed my double kick pedals style by emulating Vinnie Paul (Pantera) & Jaska Raatikainen (Children Of Bodom). I’ve also always been a fan of Brent Smedley (Iced Earth).”


Mapex Venus Series kit (black):

22” Kick Drum, 12” &, 13” Rack Toms, 15” & 16” Floor Toms.

Sabian Cymbals:

14” AA Studio Hi-Hats, 16 “ AA Medium Thin Crash, 17” HH Medium Thin Crash, AA 18 “ Raw Bell Crash,  10” Paragon Splash, 20” HHX Power Ride.

AXIS Longboards Double Kick Pedals

Vic Firth American Classic Extreme 5A Sticks

Ashley’s life philosophy:

“You don’t get good without practising.”

“You have to be a friend to have a friend.”

Ashley’s other current bands/musical projects:


BESIEGED (Thrash with aspects of Death Metal)

Ashley also plays;

“…Piano, Guitar (mostly acoustic) & Violin.”

Interesting fact about Ashley;

“I was born in Muscat, Oman and I’ve never experienced ‘Brain Freeze’…”

When asked about his interests outside of the band, Ashley explains:

“I’m into video games in a big way and am a massive Star Wars fan.”

When asked what got him into playing drums, Ashley reflects: 

“I heard Heavy Metal music and wanted to get involved in that world and I don’t have the finger dexterity to be a great guitarist.”

Ashley’s musical history:

“I started my first band (Steel Skies) in 2001 with some school mates and started another one (Subsidian) after leaving school over a few years we played gigs in Aberdeen where I was living at the time. In 2007 I moved to Birmingham and lived in the back of my van for a few months while I found a place to live and then joined a few bands (Insanity’s Fall, Jotun, Musta Talvi). Musta Talvi being the main one. I spent a few years playing gigs in and around Birmingham until Musta Talvi split up and I formed another band (Orylyus) with a few of the members of Musta Talvi. We recorded a 6 track EP called Stories Heard Yet Not Recalled and eventually went our separate ways in 2013, at which point I was invited to join Benediction just before they went on an 11-date tour of Brazil and Bolivia and I’ve been playing in Benediction since then. I was invited to join Apparition in 2014 and many gigs in the UK & Europe later, here I still am.”

Ashley on the rest of the band:

Reflecting on time spent with the rest of the band, Ash enjoys getting together and having a good laugh with everyone in whatever circumstance that brings the band together – at a gig, on the road, at rehearsals, in the studio, or at one of his house parties…  🙂