Birthday: 8th July

Kull initially joined Apparition in 2015 to work with David and Fiona as co-songwriter on new material for the next album – THE AWAKENING – contributing his song and composition ideas and taking the lead role in sequencing and orchestration. In 2016, Kull was asked to become a live performing member as guitarist alongside Amy. Working as a central part of Apparition, Kull recalls his inspiration to join:

“I had been looking for a project where I could contribute to the songwriting, and when Fiona suggested it, I jumped at the opportunity. And now I get to play them live as well, which is great’

When asked about what influences his songwriting, Kull reflects:

“I just love to sit down with my guitar and come up with new ideas for tunes. Sometimes inspiration can come from a chord sequence, a melody or even some lyrical ideas.”

Kull reflecting on his musical influences:

“My musical influences are varied. From classical to metal and everything in between.  But my love for metal is untouched. Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Metallica……. I’m sure you get the idea…”


Kull likes to use Ibanez Guitars as “…they just feel right for me” He also uses Logic Pro for sequencing.

Kull’s life philosophy:

“Don’t do anything to anyone else that you wouldn’t want done to yourself…’

Interesting fact about Kull:

“I’m involved in different aspects of digital media including graphic design, digital illustration, video, and web design and I have had some of my work published in Computer Arts magazine and displayed public spaces in my home town.”

Outside of the band Kull also enjoys:

“…exploring and discovering new places…”

Kull’s musical history:

Kull has been in several bands over the years, and during this time he has been composing and songwriting, with his work first aired through the Kallanaris project with Fiona, gaining exposure on UK radio.

Kull on the rest of the band:

“I’m very happy and proud to be part of Apparition. They are a great bunch of guys and I feel blessed to be involved. Kull :)”