Birthday: 25th October 1971

David recalls forming Apparition, which in its earliest form, first appeared in 1997 as a female-voice metal project created David and some of his co-members of ‘Asphyxiator’, and when asked about his inspiration and influences in doing so, David says:

“The melodic female vocal idea came in mid 1997 when myself and keyboard player of the death metal band we were in at the time ‘Asphyxiator’ wrote a song called ‘The Pain Lives On’. A few members of this band went on to form ‘Apparition’ in January 2004.”  
…“The music for ‘The Pain Lives On’ was influenced by ‘Hypocrisy’ and ‘The Carpenters’. I read a piece in a newspaper about the so called ‘moors murders’ of the 1960’s and about one of the victims, a boy called Keith Bennet, who was murdered and to this day his body has never been found. His mother, right until her death, went looking for his remains every weekend. When I wrote the lyrics I intended it to be in a death metal type song but having heard Hypocrisy’s ‘slippin away’ I thought what I had written could be a melodic song and written from the view of Keith’s mother. My friend Rebecca was a club singer and she was a big Carpenters fan singing many of their songs in her show so I asked if she would sing my song on the recording.”


David reflecting on musical influences:
David has often spoken about admiring ‘Vader’, whose albums partly inspired the recording of The Awakening to take place Hertz Studio in Poland where many Vader albums have been recorded. David has also sometimes spoken about how he was an early Megadeth fan, as well as his continuing admiration for bands like Within Temptation and Nightwish. On his own influences as a bass player, he reflects:
“I don’t really have an influence as a bassist or songwriter, Bits of any music really. My bass lines are bits of simple music theory i.e. scales and little runs. I like to see why fits in with the chords.”

David’s Equipment:

Trace Elliot Bass head and Ibanez bass

David’s Life philosophy:

‘You’ll never walk alone” yep it is the Liverpool FC mantra, a team i’ve supported since a child and has stayed with me throughout my life. i’ve always tried to be a good friend and listener.”

Recounting guest musical performances (studio and live):

“I was involved with a band from the Czechia called HematitT where I played on their demo and played their first ever show in their home town of Ostrava.”

David also plays:

“…a bit of keyboards and acoustic guitar”

Interesting fact about David:

“I am left handed but play right handed bass.”

Outside of the band, David also enjoys:

“Circuit training where sometimes I take the class. Swimming with my daughter.”

When asked what inspired him to become a musician, David reflects:

“It’s what all my friends did back in the day…”

David’s musical history:

Death metal band ‘Severe Decay’ – 1994
‘Asphyxiator’ – 1997 – 2000
‘Apparition’ – 2004 – Present (originally conceived in 1997)

David on the rest of the band:

“Paul is an undiscovered talent in music which will hopefully change once the album is out.
Ashley gives me confidence when I perform live, A great drummer is important for any band.
Amy is a very dedicated guitar player who is always looking at ways to improve. She is a good friend as well as band mate and we have spent many an hour on her farm putting the world to rights.
I’ve known Fiona for over 10 years now and she is one of the first people I turn too when things in my life are not going well. She is looked up to by many younger UK female metal singers and keen to offer her help and experience.”