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Apparition, hailing from the UK, offer a fusion of melodic metal and rock music, interwoven with atmospheric and symphonic undertones. With a history that stretches back to 1997, when David Homer (Bass) first formed Apparition as a female voice metal project, many performances have taken place since forming as a full band in 2004, along with the release of several studio projects. 2014 brought the addition of guitarist Amy Lewis and drummer Ashley Guest (also of Benediction and Besieged) to the ranks as returning vocalist Fiona Creaby (also of Fallen Arise) was reunited with Apparition in 2014 after 5 years away. This spurred the development of the new album – The Awakening – which began to take shape as Fiona and David started to work on new material to follow on from their earlier successful collaboration during 2006-2009, which produced the EP ‘Salvation’ in 2008.

Following the well-received 2010 Apparition album ‘For vengeance and for love…’, David’s vision was to record, mix, and master at Hertz Studio in Bialystok (Poland) with the renowned Wieslawski Brothers, who have engineered and produced artists such as Vader, Hate, Decapitated, The Foreshadowing and Iron Fire. In 2015, guitarist and songwriter Paul ‘Kull’ Culley, who created the ‘Kallanaris’ project which also features Fiona as vocalist, joined Apparition as a co-writer alongside Fiona and David to develop material for the new album, including composing the opening instrumental piece. Fiona, Kull and David spent much of 2015 dedicated to writing and preparation for the album tracking period in late-2015 for which they travelled to Hertz Studio (Poland) with Amy and Ash. Tracking and mixing progressed into 2016 as the album continued to develop through several visits to Hertz Studio by Fiona and Kull, moving gradually towards the final production stages. At this point, Kull also joined the performing line-up more formally as guitarist alongside Amy.

With mixing and mastering completed in 2016 (by the Wieslawski Bros.), the task of planning the release of THE AWAKENING took priority in 2017 as Apparition signed with Wormhole Death Records (Italy), with the signing announcement set to coincide with 20 years of Apparition ‘history’, with the release anticipated for early 2018. Arranged and produced by Fiona and Kull, THE AWAKENING offers soaring riffs, energetic drums, passionate emotive vocals and orchestral undertones, as it takes the listener through a synergy of emotions set to ‘awaken’ the soul as it tells many stories of love and loss, passion and possibility, folklore and imagination. Reflecting on old stories from the Apparition historical narrative and adding new imaginings, THE AWAKENING depicts hope and happiness, growth and love, as well as grief and loss, capturing the many contradictions of life within each song narrative. From melodic riffs to powerful orchestral surges, bursts of dark metal and hints of atmospheric electronica peek out from behind the intricate composition as THE AWAKENING offers a passionate foundation of interwoven rhythmic tracks and melodic ballads.